Land required

AMAD have worked hard to develop a reputation for building award-winning homes and properties.

Our commitment to high quality homes is matched by our passion to create beautiful buildings within stunning surroundings. To this end, the team at AMAD are regularly approached by land owners hoping to sell their property. Our expert team are experienced working alongside local authorities to secure the necessary planning permissions and so to maximise the value of a landowner’s property.

We welcome any enquiries from landowners wishing to sell their property or land. At absolutely no risk to the land owners the team at AMAD will work to maximise its value. Homeowners can often receive a substantial financial windfall – often tax free – by releasing part of their existing property to become part of an AMAD new homes development.

AMAD underwrite all the costs of executing the sale and bear all the risk, so the land owner will never be lose a penny. Indeed, after successful planning permission has been secured through the AMAD offices, landowners often receive a significant financial windfall.

If you’re interested in selling land, please contact AMAD’s office for a step by step guide on how you can secure a sizeable financial return from the sale of your land.