AMAD looks forward to the past – and sponsors a school time capsule

AMAD engineers have laid down a school’s time capsule at the new Willersey development which will be opened in 2044.

The event was captured on the front page of the Cotswold Journal, the local newspaper serving the village of Willersey.

Future classmates at Willersey C of E Primary School, on the outskirts of Broadway, will reopen the time capsule in 26 years time  – in time for the school’s 200th anniversary.

Willersey Head Mark Jackson said he hoped the pupils of the 2044 would be surprised by life in 2018.

Mr Jackson, said: ‘The pupils have worked hard to imagine what life will be like in 2044 and have made predictions.

‘What we can do for future generations is tell them what life was like in 2018. We have included the new pound coin and the latest newsletter of the school.

‘We’ve tried to imagine the pupils talking to their future classmates – who won’t be born for another 20 years and ask them to explain what life was like today.’

Mr Jackson says he hopes he can be around for the opening in 26 years. “I will probably be retired but everyone one of my successors will be notified of the box’s location.

‘At the 200th anniversary of the school’s opening in 1844 the box will be opened.’

Andy Miles, Managing Director of AMAD said he was thrilled to help the pupils capture their present life for future generations.

Mr Miles, whose company is building four homes on Campden Lane, said: ‘Willersey is a beautiful, historic village and we are delighted to help the children to time travel to future generations.

‘The capsule will be securely buried within the boundary of the new homes development.’

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